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Gay Community in the Army Essay Example for Free

 Gay Community in the Army Essay
The story of the African American struggle after the Emancipation Declaration is quite significant in the current occurrences in the United States. One issue that has mirrored the struggle of the freed slaves has been the struggle of the gay community for acceptance in the military and to enjoy marriage rights just as the heterosexual couples. While there are similarities between these two historical happenings as both sought to have equal rights, privileges and treatment just like other citizens of the land, there are also some quite significant differences between the two.

While the gay community has been struggling to have protection rights and recognition in the military, the freed slaves were happily recruited in the military but were never extended the privileges of having legal marriages (Berlin, Reidy  Rowland, 1982). Policies that have been adopted by the military over the years have been quite discriminating against the gay community and those serving in its ranks.

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